7 Y Combinator Mantras For Early Stage Startups


Here are some of the most counter intuitive Y Combinator mantras that could prove critical for your startup’s success. These have definitely helped us through our own journey at Tossy!

  1. Make something people LOVE

    Instead of starting with solutions and then figuring out what problem you product could solve, start with a problem. Then iterate your solution really fast by listening to your customers.

  2. It is better to have 10 people who LOVE your product over 10,000 who likes it

  3. Do things that don’t scale

    This could include showing up at your customers doorstep to talk to them or even doing things very manually instead of spending time automating and scaling.

  4. Iterate super fast

    By iterate, I mean listening to your customers and iterating your solution super fast

  5. Product Market Fit first. Growth second

  6. Move extremely fast

    The way to get lucky is to to move extremely fast. As a startup, this is your single biggest unfair advantage.

  7. Talk to your customers.

    Like seriously.